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The production of our bells begins with drawings of our own profile

It was specially developed by the specialists of the Promlit plant after studying various models of ancient bells in Orthodox churches. Our profile provides a good sound or, as they say, "the voice of the bell." At the request of the customer, the bell is cast with relief decors, icons and inscriptions.

The weight of our products is measured in poods or kilograms.
The Promlit factory produces bells weighing half a pound (8 kg), 1 pood (16 kg), 2 poods (32 kg), 4 poods (64 kg), 6 poods (96 kg), 12 poods (192 kg) 2 tons.
You can buy bells from the manufacturer with delivery if you make the appropriate order through the feedback form.

Our bells

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The cost of 1 kg of bells is 550 UAH.

We always have bells of 8kg, 16kg, 32kg, 64kg, 96kg in stock. (with standard icons and standard inscriptions. You can make an individual lettering by engraving method - 2000 UAH per 1 bell)

Under the order we make bells from 168 kg to 9000 kg.
For the bell that we manufacture according to an individual order, we charge four icons from our catalog for free. If necessary, you can apply any image or icon that is not in our catalog - cost $ 500.
The cost of a donated lettering is 250 UAH per symbol.

The bells are shipped by road or by new mail.