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Casting for engineering

Our factory makes custom-made parts for mechanical engineering by casting at affordable prices. Cast parts are manufactured on the latest automated equipment.

We make castings of cast iron, steel according to drawings from the technical specifications of the customer. We take into operation single and serial orders.

Casting for mechanical engineering, produced at the Promlit and Gorstal plants, is 100% in accordance with international standards and quality standards.

The enterprises of the Western foundry group are engaged in the manufacture of parts from cast iron, steel for machines of various kinds.

We use traditional and modern foundry methods. We make high precision investment casting products.

We make parts by casting of various types:

1. Procurement
The Promlit plant makes cast billets of various shapes and sizes for the further production of spare parts for agricultural and industrial equipment, automobiles, pumps, etc.

2. Cast iron products
We cast iron parts for the machine-building industry: gears, gear cases, crankcases, covers, stars of various sizes, etc.

We produce cast iron for mechanical engineering from high-quality investment casting.

All blanks, pipes, bushings, etc. They are manufactured according to proven technologies, undergo rigorous quality control, do not have loose sections, shrinkage voids.

3. Steel casting
We produce castings from high-alloy cast iron, steel alloy, – links of the conveyor chain, gear cases, gears, wheels. We make stamping equipment, bandages, pump elements, pipe fittings, etc.

Why us

• We cast products of standard shapes and sizes and iron castings to order for machines according to customer drawings. We help to draft technical specifications.

• We have a large production base, apply innovative technologies.

• Thanks to thoughtful technological methods, careful quality control at each stage of production, we reduce the risk of defects to a minimum.

• We work under the contract, we comply with the deadlines.

• Cast iron, steel casting is distinguished by reliability, durability, resistance to mechanical, thermal, chemical, including aggressive, influences. Has an aesthetic appearance, a long warranty period.

Order the production of cast products on our website. Casting parts for machines from enterprises of the Western foundry group – reliability at an affordable price.