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Spare parts for plate feeders

Lamellar feeders are used in the coal, mining and other industries for a uniform, controlled supply of medium bulk and other bulk materials.

Our foundry specializes in the manufacture of plates and cloths of plate feeders Type-I, Type-II:

1-15; 1-18; 1-24; 2-12; 2-15; 2-18; 2-24

Plates are made of the following steel grades 35HMFL; 35HML; 27ХН2МФЛ and undergo heat treatment to a hardness of 250-320NV or 320-360NV as agreed.

Product quality control involves marking each plate with an indication of hardness. Each plate is also monitored for compatibility of the holes for assembly, after which the customer is issued a quality certificate with the chemical composition and hardness of the product.

The canvases from the Promlit Plant are successfully used at most mining enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries.