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Spare parts for crushers

Spare parts for crushers – Promlit Plant is a leading supplier of high-quality spare parts for crushers. Thanks to cooperation with the largest European manufacturer of work items for crushing machines, we provide comprehensive support for the production of raw materials for processing plants. Our offer is a great alternative.

We guarantee cost-effective solutions, increase efficiency, high-quality products based on continuous research and innovative development. The parts for crushers supplied by us are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality requirements based on original drawings, due to which they are extremely durable and their use allows for a certain economy.

All parts undergo rigorous testing and rigorous quality control.

You can purchase spare parts for crushers – jaw, cone, hammer and rotor, 110G13L steel castings, cones, cheeks, crushing plates, expansion plates, crackers, crushing cones, movable armor, non-movable armor, etc.

The premium manganese steel from which our castings are made was developed on the basis of the original steel formula and, thanks to special modifications, we can provide unsurpassed strength and increased resistance to wear. We offer three options for steel with Mn14%, Mn18% and Mn21%, respectively.

We have a wide range of spare parts for cone crushers, a powerful offer of tooth profiles for jaw crushers, as well as an extensive offer of parts for impact crushers. The volume of spare parts offered by us is huge, we have created our offer in such a way that it meets all standards of manufacturers of leading factories, we expanded it on all individual projects in order to satisfy individual and specific requirements of customers.
Spare parts for crushers purchased in our company, this is excellent quality at an affordable price.