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Spare parts for excavators, loaders, drilling rigs, bulldozers

Spare parts for excavators – we make sure that the level of our activity gradually increases in order to improve the quality of the Ukrainian brand in the country and abroad. We work for the development of the Ukrainian economy, supporting the growth of Ukrainian GDP.

Our company is a manufacturer of spare parts for excavators – EKG5, EKG8, EKG 9, EKG10, incl. bucket teeth, excavator truck, track link, tooth crown, crown, drive wheel, 110G13L steel castings, etc. Our offer is quality spare parts for excavators.

The specialty of our company and the main profile of its activity is casting. Our production facilities and warehouse resources allow us to work for large volumes, and the professionalism of our employees makes our products high-quality.

We offer our customers spare parts for excavators of the highest quality, made on modern equipment from high-quality materials. Their high quality goes hand in hand with low prices.

Employees of the company’s commercial department are highly qualified specialists who provide reliable, professional, reliable assistance and information. The highest quality of services provided in each field of activity of our company is its priority.

The mission of our company is to constantly increase customer satisfaction. All these factors, which are constantly developing and improving, form the policy of our company and form the basis of its functioning.

Quality, warranty and reasonable price – spare parts for excavators