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Spare parts for coke and chemical equipment

Spare parts for the coal industry – the coal industry is an industry belonging to a huge group of the fuel and energy industry. Much attention is paid to this most important branch of the Ukrainian industry, as it is of great strategic importance. Spare parts for the coal mining industry are required constantly and in the territory of Ukraine our company LLC Plant Promlit will supply you with any amount of spare parts.

First of all, on television and in the press it is said that in developed countries the share of the coal industry was below 1/3, but it should be noted that they do not have such rich deposits as in Ukraine and more complex climatic conditions, which often increase energy consumption (for example , in terms of housing heating in winter), therefore, spare parts for the coal industry are constantly required.

Despite the fact that spare parts require constant costs, we can not talk about closing the mine. One thing to say – the Ukrainian coal industry requires in-depth and professional reforms, developed and funded over the years.

Ukraine is not the last place in coal production in the European Union.

Advantages of the Ukrainian coal industry:

– Wide availability and relatively low cost of coal exploitation;
– Social function: providing jobs, improving living conditions;
– Urbanization: urban development infrastructure and communications;
– Independence from foreign energy sources;
– Large deposits of raw materials, the largest in the entire European Union.

Our company will supply you with spare parts for the coal industry and your company will run smoothly.