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Heat resistant casting

Want to buy grates made from heat resistant castings for furnaces?

The Western Foundry Group offers quality products that can withstand thousands of degrees of temperature at competitive prices!

Heat-resistant casting is used to manufacture parts that are resistant to high temperatures. The main difference from the usual casting method is the use of cast iron and steel of special grades, the addition of cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and nickel.
The result is parts adapted for use at temperatures above 1000 degrees or for work processes in an aggressively hot environment.

Using this technology, reaction tubes, furnace and heat-resistant stoves, reaction tubes, hardening furnaces, pallets, baskets, etc. are made.
Castings capable of maintaining their shape and technical characteristics at the highest temperatures are used in turbine engineering, aviation, for repair and maintenance of conversion furnaces, and much more.

Heat-resistant casting manufacturers produce parts that have unique properties:
1. Maintain strength at temperatures above 1000 degrees.
2. Withstand temperature extremes – sudden cooling and heating.
3. Able to serve several thousand thermal cycles without deforming.

Heat-resistant castings
• Parts for a complete set of furnaces of mines, cementation, burners, retort cases.
• Rollers and rolls.
• Elements of gas burners.
• Hearth plates.

Parts used in an aggressive temperature environment are certified. The composition of the alloy can be changed if necessary.

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