Group of foundries

Enterprises of the Western Founding Group are located near the border with the Republic of Poland and occupy an area of ​​10 hectares.

Over the years, we have been confidently taking leading positions in the foundry market. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, which we are sure will make your business stable.

The productive capacities of the group companies make it possible to make castings of various alloys based on iron, copper and aluminum weighing up to 10 tons and measuring 5000х3000х2000mm.

Technological equipment allows to carry out:

– production of small-size and large-scale castings, which is carried out according to the Furan or Alpha-Set process;

– medium and large-scale production on automatic molding lines Savelli (1250х1000х350х300) by the method of hydraulic pressing and BMD (900х700х300х300) by the method of air-impulse sealing in sand-clay mixes.


The plant continues the half-century history of the foundry shop of the Rudremont plant in Novovolynsk. Maintaining valuable experience of specialists-founders, complete modernization of production was carried out, innovational changes are constantly being introduced to improve the quality of foundry products.



The plant was put into operation in 2011 on new production areas. Construction was carried out with the involvement of European design organizations and modern European equipment. Production capacity 1200t. Litva per month.


Advantages of working with us

Processing requests within one working day
Comprehensive technology development on the terms of reference
Modern model shop with CNC-equipment produces 3D models
European mixing and molding equipment provides high quality castings.
Melting of metals is carried out in medium-frequency induction furnaces Inductotherm
The certified laboratory conducts spectral analysis of alloys, control of pouring temperature, mechanical properties and structure, as well as ultrasonic testing
The stump is carried out on European equipment, which ensures high quality of the outer surface and low roughness of the parts
The thermal section produces most types of heat treatment and is equipped with open water tanks of 250 m3 with artificial flow
The products of our plants are confirmed by the certificate of conformity.
We do not create problems, we solve them
The Quality Control Service thoroughly checks every order
We are attentive to the needs of our customers and take care of your benefits


The history of the Ukrainian bath in tannin originates high in the Carpathian Mountains. The first water reservoir of this type was built in the XVII century in the village of Lumshory in Transcarpathia. The peculiarity of this place is that mineral water in the village has special healing properties. This was done by the local population. To receive rejuvenation procedures, two large cast-iron vats were cast. One of them is now in the Vienna Museum, and the other one is in one of the locals.

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Our enterprises are the manufacturers of the highest quality bells. The bells are made of pure tin bronze, so we get noble sound and exploitation for many decades. Our bells are cast with icons, ornaments and patterns, and, besides, for individual bells of over 160 kg, individual labels, icons and patterns can be made.

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