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Our factory has made cast-iron baths for bathing for over 20 years.


The unique Ukrainian tradition

The history of the Ukrainian bath in tannin originates high in the Carpathian Mountains. The first water reservoir of this type was built in the XVII century in the village of Lumshory in Transcarpathia. The peculiarity of this place is that mineral water in the village has special healing properties. This was done by the local population. To receive rejuvenation procedures, two large cast-iron vats were cast. One of them is now in the Vienna Museum, and the other one is in one of the locals.

Why is it worth buying a bath tank for us? There are several reasons for this:

We were and remain the first!

It was the "Promlit" plant that was the first in independent Ukraine to cast a bath tub of cast iron. Having improved our ancestral technology, we developed the best offer in the market of tanks and took the leading positions. 90% of the modern market of cast iron tanks is the result of the work of the specialists of the Promlit Plant.

We have the best quality on the market!

Our company was the first in the CIS to start producing a cast-iron vat with the shape of a truncated ball and cone 4 cm thick. It is more convenient and reliable in operation. All vats are supplied with the certificate of production of the "Promlit" plant.

We have the best price!

As we pour ourselves and sell our products - the Promlit factory has the most price-quality ratio for the customer. In addition to the adequate cost of our products, you will receive a good service from the trained staff.

Bathing tub is very easy to use, but very effective.

In the bath for water is poured. Especially good if it is mineral. Under the vat is a bonfire. The water temperature slowly rises to 50 degrees. At the bottom of the vat lay flat river stones. This is done to ensure that the hot iron bottom does not burn the visitor.

By the way, water treatment in bathing vats is designed for small companies. Since the tank is quite capacious (its diameter is from 2.05 m, the depth is 0.8 m), then it is possible to feel quite comfortable with the four of them. In the water, the ancient inhabitants of the Carpathians recommended adding decoctions and infusions of herbs.

Fans of water procedures in the vat note that they are not as severe as when hovering in traditional steam rooms. Thanks to the uniform heating of cast iron and water, the warming of the body tissues of a bathing person takes place at a deeper level and more sparing. The procedure for resting the bathhouse attendants in a vat takes no more than one hour. It is very effective both in winter and in summer.

Our vats

Big chan

Big chan Size: 2,5 m
Weight: 1800 kg
Capacity: 6-9 people
Volume: 3000 l Cast iron - 99 000 UAH Lithium stainless steel - 227 700 UAH Lithium brass - 780 000 UAH

Chan half-balloon

Chan half-balloon Size: 2.2 m
Weight: 1700 kg
Capacity: 5-7 people
Volume: 2500 l Cast iron - 88 000 UAH Lithium stainless steel - 202 400 UAH Lithium brass - 702 000 UAH

Chan small

Chan small Size: 2.0 m
Weight: 1300 kg
Capacity: 4-5 people
Volume: 2000 l Cast iron - 83 000 UAH Lithium stainless steel - 190 900 UAH Lithium brass - 546 000 UAH

Products in stock!
At the request of the customer, a bath tub is cast with relief decors and inscriptions.

What is this vat?

The bathing tub should be durable, as well as comfortable and undemanding to use both in hot summer and cold winter. That's why it is poured from cast iron.
This alloy is sufficiently resistant to the external environment, less susceptible to corrosion, has excellent heat transfer characteristics. This is important, because diluting the fire under the vat, we expect that he will continue to warm the water in it for a long time. Thanks to this, you can swim in a vat for a long time and with comfort, and the owner of such a bath will not be ruined by firewood.


To buy a cast-iron bath for bathing is half the battle. It must also be properly installed, and this requires at least a sample project.
This we give to you. Make sure that building under a cast-iron bath for swimming is not such a difficult task. Find specialists in this area will not be difficult. Often these works are performed by those who had never installed a vat before, but have an experienced mason and stove-maker in the state.

Care of the vat

Care of the vat

The bath in the cast-iron tank is simple and unpretentious in operation.
Water after hosing is drained off with a hose, and the surface is cleaned (if rust has appeared due to idle time in work) with an ordinary metal brush. No additional cleaning by special means is required.


Chan does not need paint. Remember the experience of the same cast-iron batteries - enamel fades and disappears in time. In a vat, under the influence of water, high temperatures and friction, this will happen many times faster. Believe me, not very beautiful on the water will look fragments of paint pop up from the bottom.

Do not forget that the bottom of the canal is littered with river stones. After each steaming, they should be removed, wiped and rinsed. As during bathing, and during cleaning, the stones rub against the vat. If it is painted - the paint is simply erased. Then what is the use of it? In this case - almost no.