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Sewer hatches

Sewer hatches designed for safe access to underground engineering structures and to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the streets and traffic safety.

LLC “Plant Promlit” offers a wide range of castings from durable, corrosion-resistant cast iron, heavy sewer hatch type D 400 DINEN124, floating hatch, trunk, etc. Compliance with the actual weight of the hatch to the declared, original design and warranty period of operation are the main advantages of the hatches of Promlit Plant LLC.

Sewer hatches are made of durable materials, thanks to which they are suitable for use in various conditions – also the most demanding. Available in our assortment – manholes, bridge inlets, outlets, street hatches, patio inlets or basement inlets. Depending on the purpose, they will have different properties.

Under your specific order, we will manufacture sewer manholes according to all required standards.